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Deciphering the Smart Phone Jungle

I was one of the early users of mobile phone. I had an imported one that weighed like a kilo of sugar and most unhandy. Those were the days when even the incoming calls were charged. In spite of all its cons, I was proud of my phone that I knew everything about it, right from its place of birth and its operating system, not the one in the smart phones today but the bits and pieces of hardware that went to it.  It was one of my precious baggage and all the evolution related to mobiles, thanks to Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and the likes, did not influence me. It was my phone and it did what it should do, converse with other on the line.

Repeated attempts by colleagues and family did not deter my decision to exchange it for any of those so-called smart phones. Queer looks and quirky comments always followed me whenever I took out my phone to talk. I am not the one to give up so easily, after all it is my hard-earned money and it was working fine.

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