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LittleShopper, a Site to Visit for Online Shopping of Maternity and Motherhood Essentials

Pregnancy and motherhood spells a change in every woman’s life.  Suddenly we realize our regular clothes are not comfortable, activities have to be redefined and weight watching does not work anymore.  Though it is part of every woman’s life, it has its parameters and the initial phase of motherhood lasts for a year before moving onto the next level. Requirements during pregnancy are different than the ones after delivery.  Though it is a temporary phase, we cannot ignore it because it lasts a significant duration and the necessities need to be replaced during the time to make it smooth sailing and convenient.

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Motherhood, My First Experience with Selflessness

Motherhood is the most beautiful experience. I am the most suitable to make this statement because I never liked kids till I became pregnant. Call it hormones or the magic of a life within, my world changed with lot of anticipation, care and concern for the most precious entrant into my life. My preparation for my baby started much before she was born, rather when I was pregnant. My grandmother always said that newborns are like flower buds to be cared for so gently. Every tiny detail should be taken seriously and as a new mother it is quite natural to do it a bit more.

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