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Affordable Housing, Is Chennai Far Behind?

Prototype residential housing system

 It is a common sight when few friends gather for a get together to discuss on things and the common topic thread today is the price rise, spiralling house rents, unaffordable housing options and the opportunity they missed buying out plots and houses at cheaper price earlier. We came across an interesting article by A Srivathsan, Deputy Editor of The Hindu.

Maniraj, a paper vendor on Velachery Main Road, had a tough time last year when he had to vacate his house. Until then he was paying Rs. 1,200 for a 350 sq.ft dwelling unit near Velachery Lake. The landlord raised the rent to Rs.6,000 and Maniraj and his family of four could not afford it. After great difficulty, he found a 200-sq.ft tenement in one of the labyrinthine lanes. “I now pay Rs. 4,500 per month, which includes electricity charges. This is more than what I spend on food every month,” he lamented.

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