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McCain Made My Life Lot Easy

Okay, let us be honest. McCain products are ready to be deep fried food items available in freezers in most of the super markets. Deep fried? Yes. So what? I am getting allergic to the fact that the moment ‘deep fried’ is mentioned I can hear the awws and ohhhs and question marks over the eligibility of the item to be consumed. Let us get this straight. We are consuming deep fried food as part of meals, when we eat out, and also when we socialize in various forms. Ask nutritionists and they will tell you fat is not totally bad. It is the temptation to eat more which creates trouble. Now with so many options for healthy deep frying with olive oil and various reports about the goodness of gingelly oil, groundnut oil, indulgence once in a while is not a crime. This is for the kids and people without diseases that abhor deep fried goodness.

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