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Pallikarnai Marshland From an Eye Sore to Nature Delight

Pallikaranai marsh

The intervention by the state government to restore the Pallikarnai marshland has started yielding results and the sighting of migratory birds has improved in the past few months. Rare birds such as Comb Duck have started visiting the marsh and the bird population in the marsh has improved, according to environmentalists and ornithologists.

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Perumbakkam Sholinganallur Marsh is Flourishing

The Perumbakkam-Sholinganallur marsh is thriving — as is evident from the presence of birds such as the comb duck.

The comb duck is found across India. Its wide distribution is evident from the fact that almost every Indian language has a name for this large-sized bird — it is ‘nakta’ in Hindi, ‘juttu chiluwa’ in Telugu, and ‘mookan thara’ in Tamil, which refers to the protrusion on the male’s bill.
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