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Astute Product Marketing Strategy through Innovative Social Media Campaigns

ASUS Zenfone2 - Owners Pride

Social media has evolved from being mere contact platforms to innovative business marketing tools. It poses a greater challenge for brands to reach out and be noticed by people in a platform where it takes just few seconds for a user to get drowned in the ocean of news feed, targeted messages and advertisements. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool and it needs sharp thinking and innovative campaigns by the marketing team to get the talk trending in social media. Trending and staying as a talked about topic is a mantra to better exposure and possible success. To keep the social media guessing and to sustain interest, celebrities are roped in by the brands to launch the product. As in the case of everything that gets overexposed, celebrity launches have also become order of the day and the hype around it subdued.

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DakshinaChitra Promotes Artisans and NGOs with Marketing Opportunities

Crafts people and NGO (Non Government Organisations) can display their products and promote. The organizers provide opportunity to meet the customers directly and sell the products and do not charge any commission for providing this. Read on to know more
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