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Know Chennai Pettais and their Century Old Unique Identities as Special Trade Zones


Radio jockeys and scribes are seeking celebrities for quotes on why Madras is special. They also depend on historians for facts and figures related to erstwhile Madrassapattinam. But one part of Madras is neither reported nor documented. Kosapettai, Pudhupettai, Chindatripettai, Vannarapettai, Saidapettai, Kanamapettai, Krishnampettai and Tondiarpettai are often forgotten though these pettais have unique identities and for centuries have been hubs for specialised trades. These are the places that really allowed cultural and ethnic diversity to spread when the coastal town expanded as city.

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Chennai’s Heritage, One hundred years of Madras George Town

Madras Parry’s corner area was named George Town about  hundred years back.  Now busy High Court and adjacent road can be seen in the photograph. How it got its name and why?  Read on to know the details.

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Green, Eco Spots of Chennai City

As most of you know Madras now called Chennai is very populated. It is difficult to find parking space at several important places. High rising buildings are springing up all the time. It is a true metro in all the senses but Chennai also has several spots of semi wilderness. If marsh lands are left free and water bodies rae kept clean and free from pollution nature will attract birds and plants will also improve. Read on to know more about the eco spots.

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Madras Christian College Heritage Exhibition

Madras Christian College celebrates its 175th year and an exhibition is held on this occasion. Madras Christian College was the first institution in India to have hostels for students. This later turned into a tutorial system with teachers too staying there. Read on to know more about its exhibition of photos and articles.

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Margazhi Music Apps for Your iPhone

The Chennai Music Season or the Madras Music Season, as the season was originally called is celebrated in a period of six to seven weeks spanning the months of December and January. This season usually witnesses a large number of small and large kutcheris  (Concerts) around the city of Chennai.

Margazhi Music iPhone app is the world’s 1st mobile platform for the Chennai December Music Festival. ILoveMadras celebrates the city of Chennai, and this iPhone app is an affirmation to our commitment to bringing the best of Chennai to you.
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