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Trend  Talk : Know about Dream Catchers

ojibweCheck out the latest trend and you see Dream catchers everywhere in home décor, lockets, pendants, earrings and more.  Look closely and you can see intricate work depicting a geometrical pattern assembled in a certain way. Dream catchers  are originally from south America and belong to the native people of Ojibwe nation.  Let us know a little bit more on the legend behind it and also its construction.

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Daily Art : Learn to Draw Kolam

English: pongal kolam

In Tamilnadu, one would find a finest drawn and artistic drawing decorating every house at the front entrance. These drawings are notjust merely a decoration, but it has lot more significance to this practice. During festival seasons and on any auspicious functions, the drawing are drawn still larger even extending up to the street! A classic example can be noted from these, a woman’s creative at it’s best, talent to make it an even more attractive.

A kolam is a geometrical drawing composed of curved loops drawn around a grid pattern of dots. It is sometimes called Rangoli and can be very elaborate and colorful. Kolams originated about 2500 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization and are believed to help bring wealth and prosperity to the home or business.

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Mylapore Festival , Capturing the Spirit of Chennai

Mylapore Festival takes place on January of every year. It has various competitions and cultural programs. Mylapore is at the heart of the city and can be reached by local bus from every part of city and by local train.
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