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Plan your Trip to the Unsung Little Known Sittanavasal Near Trichy

Millions of years in the past, at the site where Sittanavasal is now, in the Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu in southern India, a mountainous rock emerged over time out of the earth. It still stands there today, and at some point thousands of years ago, Jain monks went on a steep climb up to the top of the solid rock extending hundreds of feet high, and, with only a narrow path to follow along the ledge on the far side of the rock; there they made their way to a low-ceiling natural cave, known as Eladipattam. In the cave they carved out seventeen stone beds and stone pillows, where the monks slept, and no doubt they spent long days and hours in meditation in this remote, mystical place high above the universe, where only the wind travels.

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