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Fashion Talk: Mobile Cases Mean More Fashion than Mobiles

Last decade has seen a surge in mobile sales and mobile brands emerged every quarter from nowhere to make it to the top as most bought topping the sales charts. Mobiles have been one zone where established and new brands have competed on even grounds without that familiarity preference ruling the sales. We can attribute it to the fact that mobile is a new invention and every player in the field is new to it though few might be an established player in other gadgets and appliances.  An interesting analogy here – What defines how we look is influenced in majority by what we wear though we are all flesh and blood otherwise.  Millennium also saw the emergence of personal gadgets and personalizing cases became a rage.  It offered many options for the Uber folk prominent being mobile and laptop cases.   Case offered protection and fun and was much cheaper than changing mobiles and laptops and turned out to be trendier.  Brands hooked on this opportunity to launch signature mobile cases carrying celebrities, graffiti, merchandise and slowly a simple market grew larger before our eyes.

Designer Mobile Case -

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MyCityWay, City Based Mobile App for Local Information

Confused about the network of roads in Chennai? Or looking for a decent apartment to rent for in Mumbai? How many times have we found ourselves in such scenarios?  A group of three Indians has launched an urban mobility app called My City Way that changes the way we look at our cities.

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Mobile App for Chennaites : Travel Chennai by Veradis Technologies

This App covers the best of the Chennai, with extensive directory of places to visit, accommodation and all the information you need on what to do including all the latest events and offers. Our map based services guide you around the city. Get weather info, news, important visitor info and even some useful expression with our talking dictionary. This is great way to connect with the local culture!

* Events/Contents are updated daily

Recent changes:

Newly added features include
* Deals – Latest deals on shopping, dining and accommodation listed for your city.
* Allow the user to bookmark a deal for future reference.
* Current flight schedule
* Up to date movies list
* Shopping directory
* Read/write reviews for tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.

Latest version: 3.0 (for Android version 2.2 and higher)

Download link :

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