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New Airtel App Review – 3 Key Aspects that Stood Out


Since our move from a government owned telecom provider to Airtel for Broadband connection, we have moved all our services to Airtel. With so many services from Airtel, managing the various accounts was pretty time consuming during the initial days. We switched to the My Airtel app when it was released and found it easy to manage the services but yet service requests and few other services had glitches in communication. We would not say it was a comprehensive solution then but still it worked for us. Further as the payment landscape changed with the services of Freecharge and PayTM offering more for the buck we switched to using them for our payments. One thing though, we never ventured into Airtel Money because we still did not trust the system to allow mobile to mobile payments. Maybe it is good but we honestly did not try it till now.

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Simple Tips to Comb your Hair the Right Way


Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...


Combing the hair, a very commonly used term of everyday life is not as simple as it sounds. Simple tips to comb your hair right can go a long way in maintaining a lustrous healthy hair. How do you manage your long hair with tangles? Do you brush your hair or scalp? Want to know then Read on..


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