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SBIOA Institute Offers Conversational English, Hindi, Tamil Diploma Courses by Correspondence

Communicating properly plays a vital role in creating the first impression. More so in the Indian context, where communicating fluently in English or Hindi takes you farther ahead career-wise. For those seeking jobs in most States in the country, knowledge of Hindi is an added advantage. Today, opportunities are aplenty for people who have a good command over Hindi and English.

Keeping these in mind, the State Bank of India Officers’ Association (SBIOA) Institute, Chennai, has been conducting courses in spoken Hindi and spoken English through correspondence. The courses are designed for part-time learners too as they incorporate easy-to-use printed self-study books, audio CDs, graded question sets and response sheets for self evaluation. A six-month duration course comprises as many personal contact programmes — and telephonic guidance is available too — to help students acquire communication skills, both written and oral.

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