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Early Detection and Intervention- Autism Countered Better

Every child is the apple of his or her parents’ eyes and their hope of achieving heights they had aspired to reach. At least they hope to assume so. It bodes ill to some parents who have to wake up to the fact that their child is battling autism. However, it is increasingly prevalent among children these days as the stress of today’s parents are forcing major psychological disturbances among their offshoots. However, all is not lost for them. According to Dr. Nandini Mundkur, city pediatrician, it is a fighting chance for those parents who make that extra effort to identify their kid’s condition when it is still nascent.

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Kidney Related Problems Treatment – Free of Cost

Tamilnadu Kidney Research Foundation, a foundation called TANKER (Tamilnadu kidney Research Foundation)

TANKER treats all kidney related problems of patients free of cost. They even do Dialysis free of cost.

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