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Tips to Get a Smooth and Nice Looking Hair Plait

How do you make a smooth, tight-looking plait?  The answer is simple, Skill and technique gained by practice. There are some tips to have that great and smooth looking plait.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you plait your hair.

Comb the dry hair smooth before starting.  Plaiting wet hair damages the hair, and makes it harder to get it to lay smooth.  The fact that it sticks together so that there are fewer wispies also makes it more difficult to separate and fold neatly in different directions.

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Simple Tips to Comb your Hair the Right Way


Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...


Combing the hair, a very commonly used term of everyday life is not as simple as it sounds. Simple tips to comb your hair right can go a long way in maintaining a lustrous healthy hair. How do you manage your long hair with tangles? Do you brush your hair or scalp? Want to know then Read on..


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Crowning Glory – Full Lace Wigs

Flashback: 1950. A tea-time chat with your neighbour and they would tell you that for them wigs were mostly an aesthetic necessity.

Flash forward: 2012. With the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry sporting them, wigs are now celebrated accessories. Just imagine the dramatic change in time where the same element that was a secret possession in one’s wardrobe is now openly flaunted and has even been the recipient of some creativity!

There is no faster way to change and dramatise your look than an extended/new hairstyle.

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Wear your hair – Hair Braiding and Plaiting

In many countries, braiding is the traditional way of stylizing the hair. Best suited for mid-length to long hair, braids are done in a  variety of ways, both simple and complicated. There are broadly two methods used to weave the strands – the left-over-middle and right-over-middle and the left-under-middle and right-under-middle technique. The number of segments of hair may vary from the basic three to seven, increasing as per the intricacy of the hairstyle. In this article, we have provided information on different types of braids.

For those who want to know the difference between braiding and plaiting, braiding is interweaving the hair and plaiting is weaving the hair. PLAITS TEND TO BE THICKER THAN THE NORMAL BRAID AND PLAITS ARE USUALLY BRAIDED UNDERHANDED

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