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US Hyatt Hotel Chain offers Three-course organic menu ‘For Kids By Kids’

English: Organic vegetables at a farmers' mark...

Going organic is the healthier way to eat. Indians have imbibed the centuries old organic way of eating in our meals.  Looking out for a change, we have gone away from our usual food and explored new cuisines. Organic food is the way to go says Hyatt corporation and introduces innovative organic menu for kids tasted and approved by kids. Read on to know more…

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Story of Successful Implementation: Vandalur Zoo is a Plastic Free Zone

There is one big lesson to learn from the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, the ever-popular zoo in Vandalur, on the outskirts of Chennai: If there is a will there is a way.

Yes, the zoo has been able to maintain a plastic-free and litter-free zone in its environs. How is it able to achieve this? By stopping people at the very entrance and making them dispose of their plastic bags.

Word has also spread that the Vandalur zoo does not permit plastic within its premises and visitors seem only too willing to abide by that rule.

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