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Places for North Indian Chaat Items in Chennai

Among the different locales in the city, Sowcarpet definitely tops the list when it comes to chaat items. It takes you 15 minutes for you
to drive to the area, but 20 minutes to drive in the area, to the shop. It is a place where people can get a wide variety of chaat with no fancy prices. There are innumerable stalls on the road and also various small chaat-corners that offer a wide range of mouth-watering Pani Puris, Bhel puri, Daabeli, Ghaatia, Jalebi, and Bhujiya Bondas. You also get a range of sweets, lassis, Badam kheers, Basandis along with the spicy chaats. The taste of the food here is very authentic.

For those of you who have never dared venturing into the busy streets of Sowcarpet, the following are some of the best places to eat.

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