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Adrenaline Rush : WildTribe Ranch Adventure Park Opens in ECR, Chennai

Chennai has a new fun element inaugurated on 12th March 2016. So get ready for the adrenaline rush. If you are the kind travelling on the ECR, you could not have missed the WildTribe Ranch next to Crocodile bank and Jade resorts. It is not a new kid in the block for Chennai but just for ECR since the adventure park has just moved from Ponneri to ECR after successful 9 years there. WildTribe called us to have the first feel (isn’t it thrilling?) through Chennai Bloggers Club ( Here is our experience at the venue. For those not the real adventurous or the little fuzzy ones, here is a sigh of relief. WildTribe focuses on two main things – Safety and Hygiene. We had it proved when we were refused to try few of the adventures since safety check was not completed yet. Safety boards and precautions are there in red and yellow everywhere and the operators are clear on the permissible age and weight giving us the confidence we need to get onto the adventurous trail.


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Parenting Talk: Chu Chu TV for Children Makes Learning Fun

NewPicture873Children these days have lot of options to spend their time but the onus to make the time worthwhile and also educative lies in the hands of the parents and teachers. We can see preschoolers watching television serials with their parents and playing mobile games not suitable for their age. Precious time of their life is spent in unwanted knowledge capable of spoiling children’s character building. We grew up with toys, simple ones which allowed us to create our own world and dream our fantasy without any negative influence. Those were the initial seeds of creativity. Learning was limited to action oriented rhymes focusing on improving our memory, rhythm and physical activity. It was fun way of learning and had an impact on our minds which we fondly recall even today. Focus was on physical exercises and emotional growth was the aim and we never grew tired doing any of these unlike the kids today who complain of boredom, strain and tiredness even in preschool. To drive home the point, let us do a small exercise, can you recollect Jack and Jill, Ding Dong Bell and Twinkle twinkle little star?  It will be surprising to know that despite the age we are in, each one of us can recite it without any difficulties. So the solution lies in hitting back those days albeit a minor difference due to the way we grew up and the lifestyle of kids today.

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What Kids Today Miss Out – Having Fun and Friends without Inhibitions


I was excited to write on this topic when I was asked to write for #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. This gave me an opportunity to rewind and delve deep in my childhood memories. Remembering the good old days, my first thought goes to the times of fun we had without bothering about our age or studies or anything that matters to children today. It was our own world, a beautiful world without any inhibitions. Vijaya, my playmate and friend with whom I had the best of fun comes to my mind. Vijaya was almost the same age as me and was working as a babysitter (well, I never knew this term till the millennium). Vijaya’s mother worked as a maid servant and would do all the household chores while Vijaya will assist aunty in taking care of the child.

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Hippocampus Programs for this Week – April 11

Hippocampus programs for children (3 – 11 year olds) are inviting, encouraging and creates interest in the child to participate, Programs are so well designed that the children do not face repetition in content and also provides an interactive platform of fun and learning. Here are the latest programs of the week.

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Double Decker Mobile Bus Restaurant for Fun Food & Entertainment

HIJACKK!! – When was the last time you did something for the first time??

Unbelievable yet true…it’s here! First time to hit the Indian roads- HIJACKK: The state of the art Double Decker mobile bus restaurant.
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