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Summer Collection Special from Shoppers Stop with Exclusive Brands

Come summer and it is time for a wardrobe change.  Thicker clothes give way to light and breezy collections. In tune with the season Shoppers Stop has launched its summer collections from exclusive brands.   Shoppers Stop is known for their traditional wear to ultra modern, western wear collections.   If you are the traditional kind looking for anarkalis, salwar kameez, tunic tops, Kurtis on a trendy note, check out Haute Curry.  Be sure to check out the kaftans, crop tops with coldshoulder or cover-ups.


The trend today has moved a bit from traditional chic to stylish formal wear that doubles up as perfect fit for office wear for young professionals. Eliza Donatein is here at Shoppers Stop with its feminine yet official collection.


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Fashion Premier Week 2016 Grand Finale – Glamorous and Glitzy all the way

Brand Avatar India’s Fashion Premier Week took place in Crowne Plaza (Adyar Park) and needless to say, it was a star studded affair. We were invited by Wedding Vows magazine, official lifestyle partner of the event to cover the unveiling of the 5th Anniversary issue happening on the final day of the event.  Actress Simran unveiled the magazine and the grand finale had the fashion show by  global designer Indian duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock’s  bridal wear inspired by French Riviera. Showstopper turned out to be Actress Namita in the beautiful bridal wear of Falguni and Shane Peacock.

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Know about Soft Soled Shoes, the New Rage in Footwear and its Impact on Children

Soft Soled shoes specifically Clogs have become a rage even though they come with an expensive price tag.  Be it outdoors, indoors, travel, and adventure trips, we see children wearing clogs. It has become a point of superiority among school children to have Crocs clog shoes. Crocs have had its list of issues in US which people in India are unaware of.  To add to the confusion, many products resembling Crocs are hitting the market from China and our own country to cash in on the popularity of the brand. We know the problem behind Crocs but unsure of what the others have in them though the one written here is for all these products with the spoken design.  Read on to know more about  Clogs / soft soled shoes.


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Trend  Talk : Know about Dream Catchers

ojibweCheck out the latest trend and you see Dream catchers everywhere in home décor, lockets, pendants, earrings and more.  Look closely and you can see intricate work depicting a geometrical pattern assembled in a certain way. Dream catchers  are originally from south America and belong to the native people of Ojibwe nation.  Let us know a little bit more on the legend behind it and also its construction.

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Fashion Talk: Love Beadstone Jewellery, Check out MayasArc


Bead stones are nature’s best gifts and wearing such jewelry is carrying a piece of nature with you. Nature is mysterious and has all those hidden beauties in the form of precious and semi precious gemstones. From time immemorial, we have been sporting bead stone jewelry and it has been a part of our accessories list. With a distinct advantage of holding its characteristics of gleam and glamour and no signs of aging, bead stone jewelry has gone through changes in design and presentation as we evolved. One such designer online store is

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Stylori, a Decent Destination for Trendy Fashionable Precious Jewelry


E-commerce has moved leaps and bounds from exclusive shopping to even buying needles and stationery through online shopping. Now every industry is looking for avenues to get online and reach their target audience. Innovative social media strategies and marketing concepts are churned out every day to make one stand out from the other. With every industry getting onto the online shopping wagon can precious jewelry be left behind? Now women can rejoice. We can spend hours and even days to have a look at the various options we have, trust me I am thrilled. The smartness of the banks and credit card companies to extend women-centric loans and EMI options, the elusive jewelry we have been eyeing on for such a long time can be ours in no time.

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Hair Streaking, Heady Experience Promising to be Colorful


It’s the new rage for the fashion conscious yet the unknown seems to be keeping the Uber fashionistas away from it. I am talking about hair coloring, oh No! that isn’t the word, color streaking, well it can also be highlights. This post is about the paranormal experience I had to go about the process of getting the color on the hair. It is worthwhile talking about the discussions we had before embarking on the actual process. Though this may sound exaggerated, it is no way an underestimation. Let us start off from the discussion phase of the demand for coloring the hair.

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Dyeing your Hair – Gray Hair is the Trend Now

If you are one of those sporting gray hair due to hereditary traits or in an age where your hair grays naturally or simply the one who is bored with dyeing your hair often, then this news is for you.

Gray hair is becoming a fashion and women are streaking and dyeing their hair gray sporting what is called the ‘Granny Trend’. Many of us already know this trend with actor Ajith showing off his ‘Salt and pepper hair’ becoming a rage with his fans and fashion conscious men and women alike.

Platinum hair as it is called is taking the models and celebrities to show off their gray and you can also be one either naturally or by putting it on.

Traditional Fragrance, Our Own Spices NUTMEG and MACE

maceFragrance has a unique bonding with me. It brings about memories of those lovely times I had with my mother and the tiring times I had trying to work out a Mathematics problem in the school garden. In both the cases, it is the smell of flowers but different ones that evoke the magic of triggering different feelings in us.

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Fashion: Flats is the Trend Today

Ballerinas for women are better known as ballet flats and take its form from the soft shoes worn by woman ballet dancers. Since these shoes were worn for dancing, it is flat heeled or has very hardly identifiable heel.

Ballerina flats

Flats are the trend today

Ballerinas for women have become a trendy fashionable accessory today and it can be found in the wardrobe of fashion conscious women. Today, it is common to find more than 3 pairs of footwear and certainly leather ballerinas, suede ballerinas and canvas ballerinas are sure to find a place in it.

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Tips to Get a Smooth and Nice Looking Hair Plait

How do you make a smooth, tight-looking plait?  The answer is simple, Skill and technique gained by practice. There are some tips to have that great and smooth looking plait.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you plait your hair.

Comb the dry hair smooth before starting.  Plaiting wet hair damages the hair, and makes it harder to get it to lay smooth.  The fact that it sticks together so that there are fewer wispies also makes it more difficult to separate and fold neatly in different directions.

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Simple Makeup Tips to Make Your Nose Look the Way You Want it

Nose makeup is not just about making your nose look sharper. What about people who have hawk like sharp noses? There must be basic makeup tips for them too. Makeup can be customised according to the shape of your nose. It is not just people with flat noses who need makeup to cover up their flawed nose. There are makeup shades and styles for almost everybody’s nose. Here are some of the nose makeup tricks that you can adopt depending on the shape of your nose.

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