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Dialogue in the Dark – An Eye Opening Experience

BLACKDark! The word has been associated with color, absence of light and with thing eerie. But to many, it is the way they see the world. Do we really know what it is to be in dark? Not the dark we think of when we do not have sufficient information about a subject, the REAL Darkness. It will be an interesting question to answer since darkness in real is never experienced by many of us, not even in the night. Pitch darkness has literally existed only in thrillers for me. This realization dawned on me when I visited “Dialogue in the Dark” in Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah, Chennai. It is located on the other end of Food Court.  Wondering what is “Dialogue in the Dark”?


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Chilis, Express Avenue Mall Chennai – Vegetarian Food Experience

Having been in the southern part of Chennai, we did not have much opportunity to visit Express Avenue Mall after the Phoenix and Grand Malls were inaugurated. We decided to check out on the EA mall and after checking out the various outlets, we decided to have dinner at the newly opened Chilis restaurant and as usual the vegetarian aspect of it.  Chilis serves Tex-Mex cuisine and is located in the 3rd floor of EA mall as an independent restaurant and not in the Food court.

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Entrée, Exclusive Vegetarian Restaurant of E-Hotel for Affordable yet Luxurious Dining

Picture 4 - Business Room of E-HotelE-Hotel is located in one of our familiar haunts, Express Avenue mall.  We are pretty regular to Express Avenue but never knew where it was and wondered about its location whenever a few of our friends talked about it.  Vegetarians know the difficulty of eating at Food court in EA mall.  Not many vegetarian options out there and we always seek the two vegetarian restaurants in the food court for our food.  So when we were invited for a Blogger meet at E-Hotel, it was with sheer curiosity that we landed there.  The entrance to the hotel is in Patullos Road and so head to Gate number 1 or 2 to get to E-hotel and to the restaurant Entrée. So now the secret of its location is out, let us talk about the ambiance and food.

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