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Madras Music Season 2011

Madras Music Season is an event hosted every December–January in the present-day south Indian metropol of Chennai. Spanning some six weeks, a number of large and small kutcheris (Carnatic music concerts) are performed by highly competent musicians. The traditional role of the Music Season is to allow aficionados of Carnatic music to appreciate performances by renowned artists, and to allow promising young artists to display their talent and skill. Audiences and artists come from across India and from the international Indian diaspora to be part of the event. The Music Season has grown over the years, and has been described as one of the world’s largest cultural events.

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Meet Bloggers and Share your Blog

Every blogger wants the blog posts to be read and commented.  We saw innumerable blogs with good content struggling for exposure. Join us in this attempt to meet up. If you are on facebook, join us to meet bloggers and the blog works and bring recognition on the table.  Let it be any topic, we stand united as bloggers. Let us meet up in this group and share our thoughts and initiate discussions and help to improve this group.

Please introduce your blog with a short description and we will take it from there.


Choreographic Works by Bharat Kalachar

Choreographic Works presented by Bharat Kalachar

07 December 2011. 07.15pm Muthamizh Malai by Radhika Shurajit

10 December 2011. 07.15pm Prapati Marga by Roja Kannan, Priya Murle, Srikanth and Aswathy.

11 December 2011. 07.15pm Group Bharata Natyam by Parvathy Ravi Ghantashala

12 December 2011. 07.15pm Group Bharata Natyam by Meenakshi Chittaranjan

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