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Ek Nayi League, Our own Kapil Dev’s Launch – What Can IT Be?


Ek Nayi League, this is the biggest topic for Indians today. Why? Because Kapil Dev is launching it. Where? In Mumbai. When? 7th May 2015. The topic for this blog post is what could this Ek Nayi League be? We saw number of videos in which Kapil Dev invites celebrities such as Dhoni and Sania Mirza to come and get involved in the Nayi League. He also adds that if this Nayi League is played with heart, they are sure to lose it. While addressing Dhoni, Kapil Dev appreciates his effort in bringing up the Indian team putting in all his heart and soul and also reiterates that there is no retirement for stars like Dhoni. On his twitter account, he adds that Sania Mirza, Manoj Vajpayee, Kapil Sharma can also be involved in his nayi league.

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