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Urban Tree Homes: Affordable Housing without Compromising on Quality

The famous adage “veetai katti paaru, kalyanathai panni paaru” (Get a house built and get a marriage done) explains the challenge of owning a dream home as we embark on getting an apartment of our own.  To many of us,  a home is our dream we nourish and cherish and is no more a roof of our own as it was known earlier.  Individual houses had its own pitfalls and ask the owners and the list of issues and problems in getting it built will continue to prolong.  With the advent of apartment culture, the onus of building a house and delivering it to us has moved to the builders. Our understanding is that the builders are know it all and will deliver our dream home as we envisage it.  But unfortunately, it has not been a smooth and happy journey for many and the focus is on getting the right builder to buy the apartment.  It is no easy task and when we were invited to be a part of #UrbanTreeJourney of Urban Tree Homes to have a look at their ongoing projects, we were curious to know what the builder has for us, the consumers.

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Affordable Housing Option in India for less than Rs.20,000 is Now a Reality

Can you build a house with just $300 (less than Rs18,000)? If your answer is the predictable ‘no’, read on for a ‘second opinion’. The ‘three-hundred-dollar’ (THD) house has become a reality, thanks to Tamil Nadu born Vijay Govindarajan, the globally celebrated innovator-strategist and Professor of International Business at the Tuck School at Dartmouth, USA. He teamed up with friends to evolve the prototype for the $300 eco-friendly house that could be built for the poor anywhere in the world. Find it interesting? Read on to for a chance to view the prototype…

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Pet Friendly, Pro Senior Citizen, Eco Sensitive Leisure Hotel in ECR, Chennai

INDeco Leisure Hotels in Tamil Nadu was founded by Steve Borgia, an indologist who created some of the most unique heritage hotels and concepts. INDeco Hotels are unique like its mission, and houses a Museum “THE STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM” containing erstwhile objects of local lifestyle, beliefs, practices, cultures, historical artifacts. This is primarily to take history to the doorstep of every tourist who connect with Tamilnadu. Needless to say all INDeco Hotels in Tamil Nadu are pet friendly and extremly sensitive to senior citizens and Ecology. INDeco Hotels, Swamimalai, the 1896 Tanjore village, is the India’s only winner of the prestigious Global Eco Tourism Award.

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