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Quick Bites : Easy to Make Yummy Pasta

This is my new series on making yummy pasta. What we will be seeing in this section is short cut food and working with certain permutations and combinations to quickly get the grub you require. Never reinvent the wheel! Chennai is home to many making a home staying away from family. We also see  working newly married couple looking for a quick fix without compromising on quality and taste.  This post is about making pasta and trust me it does not take more than 10 minutes to get it ready.

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Saravana Bhavan Style Cauliflower Chops

Anyone who had been to Saravana Bhavan and had their cauliflower chops cannot keep away from licking the fingers clean. It is normally given as an accompaniment to Idiyappam, Chappathi to my knowledge.

Here is the recipe to do it at home. It came out pretty good with not much of work. It got empty so soon that I could not take a click of it. I will try to add photos when I do it the next time.  In cooking, more and less is one and the same. More ingredients does not mean tasty dishes.

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