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Mobile Dog Training and Grooming School in Chennai

“Making your dog a pleasure to own”, is the goal that WOODSTOCK DOG TRAINING SCHOOL, sets itself with every pup and every dog that passes through the portals of its training school.

Mr. J.Rangarajan launched Woodstock Dog Training School, a premier institution in dog training in the year 1988 at Chennai, India to cater to needs of dog owners. Woodstock offers obedience training, personal protection, and grooming programs to domestic dogs, and in the last 15 years Woodstock has successfully trained over 3000 dogs of various breeds.

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Pet Dog Lovers’ One Stop Resource in Chennai

Pet dog, cat and bird lovers in Chennai have one stop store for all their requirements. If new pups are needed it can be procured from Pets Pedigree. Be sure to inform them that you found this information on Chennai Focus.
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