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Know about Zumba, a Fun Way of Working Out for Young and Old


If you love to party and dance without any inhibitions, then Zumba is for you. It also applies to others who want to get into Zumba to shed those inhibitions of dancing. Zumba is a form of aerobic exercise that is more like a dance without much stringent rules. It is instructor led but you can experiment it in your own way while having fun. With Zumba, it is party time folks with additional benefit of burning those extra calories. Let us know go a little bit deeper to understand Zumba and how it fares as an effective workout.

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Flash Dance Academy Summer Camp 2012

Looking out to engage your kids this summer in fine arts?  Shake a leg with the Flash Summer Camp starting on April 16th. It includes dance classes, theater workshop and concludes with a  stage performance. Here are the details for the benefit of our readers.

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Young Artists Dance on Pot

In December 2009, 48 students of Sri Rama Nataka Niketan, Secunderabad, danced for an hour on clay pots to enter the Limca Book of World Records. In December 2011, they bettered their feat by presenting 50 students for the Indian World Records. The official World Record website describes it as, “… a visual treat… perform amazingly on the brass plate and inverted mud pots with three small brass pots on their head with lit candles in their hands for 60 minutes (non-stop).”

To view bigger image click on the photo
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Walk into Express Avenue for A Classical Music and Dance Festival

One month of classical music and dance festival began on 11 December.The festival organised by cultural organisation ‘Sree Anandabhairavi’ is in its fifth year. Raaga and Expressions will feature vocal and instrumental performances along with jugalbandi and dance programmes. Organisers say they chose to have the performances in a mall as an effort to popularise the classical arts among Chennaiites.

 Date: 11 December 2011  to  11 January 2012.

Time : 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Express Avenue , Royapettah, Chennai

A Place for Learning Art and Doing Something Creative at Velachery

If you are searching for an avenue to de-stress yourself… If you are looking for learning something which you always wanted to… If you are looking at making yourself fitter mentally and physically… If you are looking for giving your child an opportunity to do something else apart from studies.. you are in the right place!
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Learn Russian Ballet in Chennai From Russian Center of Science and Culture

Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association was founded by six organizations in a meeting on 25th March 2011 at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai. The association will organize conferences, seminars, forums and events on various topics to build friendship and cooperation between the two nations. Youth development will be the prime focus in all the social, scientific, humanitarian and cultural initiatives of the association. Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association will involve all like minded individuals, students and organizations in the various development programs. Mr Vladimir Mariy, Director, Russian Centre of Science & Culture, expressed happiness over the establishment of the association and encouraged the founding members. “The association commends universal standards in presenting views, conducting studies and organizing programs. We will make every effort to build great strides in cultural, social and economic arenas” said the members of the organizing committee of Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association.

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A Dedicated Ballet Teacher Passionate About Teaching Russian Ballet

For Ann Toner, who teaches ballet at the Russian Cultural Centre, the dance form is a way of life. A profile. If you are here looking for a dance school teaching Russian Ballet, check out  Learn Russian Ballet in Chennai

SHE MAY not have elaborate stage shows to her credit and her students may have taken up the art more as a hobby or a physical fitness exercise. Yet Ann Toner, whose passion for ballet is immeasurable, says that for her life revolves round dance — ballet — to be specific. It is this love for the graceful art form that has made Ann a dedicated teacher of ballet at the Russian Cultural Centre for more than a decade now.
Ann began to learn ballet at the age of 16. “It was a rather late start… but I got an opportunity only after I came to Chennai, and I grabbed it.” She had not decided then whether it was going to be a pastime or her profession. She only knew that she had to pursue it. Probably this burning desire for ballet is in her genes. “My mother was very artistically inclined and she was my inspiration,” she reminisces.

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Music Academy Dance Festival – 3rd to 9th January 2012


03 to 09 January 2012

03 January 2012. 06.00pm Priyadarsini Govind Bharata Natyam

03 January 2012. 07.45pm Mohiniattam-Group Gopika Varma

04 January 2012. 10.00am Madhavi Chandran Bharata Natyam

04 January 2012. 11.30am Uma Murali – Kuchipudi

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Choreographic Works by Bharat Kalachar

Choreographic Works presented by Bharat Kalachar

07 December 2011. 07.15pm Muthamizh Malai by Radhika Shurajit

10 December 2011. 07.15pm Prapati Marga by Roja Kannan, Priya Murle, Srikanth and Aswathy.

11 December 2011. 07.15pm Group Bharata Natyam by Parvathy Ravi Ghantashala

12 December 2011. 07.15pm Group Bharata Natyam by Meenakshi Chittaranjan

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December Season Special – Check Out

A roundup on what is special this Christmas season…

Mamallapuram Indian Dance Festival

The open air India Dance Festival is held against a background of rock sculptures in the beach town of Mamallapuram, just south of Chennai. It runs for a month and showcases a range of classical and folk dances from all over India.

When: December 25, 2011 to January 25, 2012 (dates to be confirmed). Daily from 6-8 p.m.
Where: Arjuna’s Penance, Mamallapuram, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Interested in travelling to Singapore in a Cruise from Chennai ? Way to celebrate. Check out the details here

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Kalakshetra , A Place Where Art of Dance is Nurtured – December Festival







December Festival  (Click on the Image to Open the PDF

Visiting Kalakshetra – The Center for Fine Arts

A vital center of training and performance, the institution has produced and molded generations of acclaimed artists in a distinctive style. Since its establishment in the early 20th century, Kalakshetra has had stalwart musicians and dancers on its faculty. It provides a holistic education in arts amidst a serene and inspiring natural environment cultivating a spirit of reverence. The faculty comprises of many experts who have studied here and cherish the ideals of this institution. Some of India’s most revered artistes are among its alumni.

Kalakshetra focuses on bharatanatyam, carnatic vocal and instrumental music, the visual arts, traditional crafts and textile design, textual heritage, aesthetics, history and philosophy. The director, Leela Samson, a student of Rukmini Devi, continues to be a performer and teacher of this tradition. She and her staff consider themselves as links in a living chain, and commit themselves to preserving and sharing the purity and beauty of the arts in every possible form.

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