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Cricket Watchers League, Are you in it?


Cricket, the word that unites Indians irrespective of religion, caste, and creed is more a cult than a sport. My association with Cricket goes beyond generations and the seed of Cricket was embedded right in when I was small where I used to watch my uncles walking with transistors so tightly held close to the ears and it resembled people walking with mobiles nowadays, the only difference is they were good at the art of listening while here it is a two way conversation (so it should be!). In those days, a transistor in a family was a luxury and the one who gets at it first in the morning gets to hold it through the day and it was fun seeing others trying to put their ears on it and few others walking behind waiting for a chance to grab it in case it is put down, and it never happens because it is the most prized possession.

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Ek Nayi League, Our own Kapil Dev’s Launch – What Can IT Be?


Ek Nayi League, this is the biggest topic for Indians today. Why? Because Kapil Dev is launching it. Where? In Mumbai. When? 7th May 2015. The topic for this blog post is what could this Ek Nayi League be? We saw number of videos in which Kapil Dev invites celebrities such as Dhoni and Sania Mirza to come and get involved in the Nayi League. He also adds that if this Nayi League is played with heart, they are sure to lose it. While addressing Dhoni, Kapil Dev appreciates his effort in bringing up the Indian team putting in all his heart and soul and also reiterates that there is no retirement for stars like Dhoni. On his twitter account, he adds that Sania Mirza, Manoj Vajpayee, Kapil Sharma can also be involved in his nayi league.

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Enroll your 6 to 18 year Old in a Cricket Camp with a Professional Touch in Chennai

Cricket Australia

Chennai-based Inside Edge, an authorised Cricket India Academy partner, will organise a 45-day summer cricket camp at R K M Vivekananda College for kids in the age group of 6-18 years between April 16 and May 31, 2012. Only 60 students will be enrolled per batch.

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Let us Give Other Sports Persons a Chance

India is home to many sports and surprisingly the national sport of India is Hockey. Just as we have a country capital, New Delhi and a commercial, business, entertainment capital in Mumbai, we have a national sport hockey and a popular sport Cricket. No, this post is not against Cricket or Cricket fans but a reminder about the other sports and sports persons struggling to get their recognition after consistent hard work and least support.  We decided to write this post when we came across a sportsperson lamenting about lack of sponsorship to buy shoes to participate in national level championship. Yes, the person lacks funds to have his basic necessities addressed to play for the state. Naturally our thoughts turned towards the  sportsmen  earning in lakhs and crores by way of sponsors. Why is it that  certain sports are given more exposure and other sports ignored?  Everyone of us has watched the street performers aka gypsies walking on the tied rope with ease. Wouldn’t these people make good gymnasts if we trained them right ?

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Want to Play Cricket Chennai? Check out Cricketorium

Want to feel the speed of Bret Lee’s bowling? Hit Cricketorium! It is a first-of-its-kind sports plaza in Chennai that is going to take your breath away, especially if you are an avid cricket lover. Read on to know more details…

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