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Speaking Parrot: Winner is Good Concept with Matching Video Quality

The cricket fever is ON and everywhere you see Blue, Yellow, Red, and Flaming Orange T-Shirts either as posters or as T-Shirts. When it is IPL, it is not only Cricket but lots of activities. Brands jump on the bandwagon to release advertisements with Cricket stars or associate with the event to grab the attention of the huge Cricket loving crowd not only in India but abroad too.

This is the time where any event in the evening or night receives minimum attendance and event managers make sure that the event is not happening on a day the home team is playing. Cricket and that too IPL has become a rage and Pepsi, the title sponsor of the event is not to be left behind. Pepsi announced contest #CrashThePepsiIPL that encouraged amateurs to attempt creating an Ad for Pepsi. The finalists are judged by a heavy weight jury and displayed during the matches replacing the original advertisement.

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Speaking Parrot : Imagining a World Sans Jingles


1957 Advertisement of Colgate (Colgate and Hair Oil? Yes, In those years Colgate sold Hair Oil too) Courtesy: CuttingChai

What is our world without Ads? Imagine… and for a second, the whole world seems to have stopped and gone on a time machine 60 years back. Though we cannot say advertisements were nil then, people had the option not to see it, the great advantage of having paper ads. Read it or ignore it or even better, make it into paper ball and play with it. What better use can it be for a paper than being made into conical containers of groundnuts, a real challenge to the mathematics genius in you to access their capability to make those near perfect conical shapes in seconds.

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