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Quilling, Scoobie Strings, Loom Bands and More

For those without a teenaged girl at home, these terms would not mean anything. It is very common to see mother folk sulking about the children not having the fun they used to have in their childhood days. But the fact is they too have their piece of fun and in the own way. The terms in the title are the activities they pursue which can be matched to the beads stringing and wire baskets we made during school and college days. A hobby that improved our concentration and motor skills and also a smooth introduction to arts and crafts.

The difference here is the activities pursued by us were general in nature, may be a purse, a desktop item or a wall hanging but these items help them to make ear rings, key chains, finger rings. It got personal you see. Do make your daughter a part of this group and for sure, she will get hooked on it.

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Learn Basic Quilling and Shapes

Quilling has become a popular hobby and the kits are commonly available in leading shops selling hobby materials. It is interesting to note that quilling is done with paper and a right tool. We thought it will help our enthusiasts to check out the basic quilling technique and few shapes used to make some marvelous designs in time for Christmas and New year decorations.

How to Make a Tight Coil

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Hippocampus – Workshop on Origami and Books for Visually Impaired

Hippocampus is back with a interesting workshop on Origami. Visually impaired can now find books in Hippocampus. For details Read on..

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Learn Glass Sculpting at Dakshinachitra

English: Mitchell Wren sculpting hot blown glass

DakshinaChitra heritage centre is organizing a two day workshop on Glass sculpting for adults. Srinivasa Raghavan – the resource person, an expert in this field had his training in scientific glass blowing and has been in the field for over 25 years.

Participants will learn to make sculptures of human figures and animals using soft glass. This technique is safe and suited for beginners.

Conveyance to and from DakshinaChitra, on the staff van, will be provided.


The workshop fee: 1200/- (Inclusively of material, refreshment and transportation only)


Saturday 10 March  –  Sunday 11 March
10:30 AM  –  5:30 PM

Workshop On “Glass Sculpting”

Dakshinchitra Heritage Centre
East Coast Road


DakshinaChitra Promotes Artisans and NGOs with Marketing Opportunities

Crafts people and NGO (Non Government Organisations) can display their products and promote. The organizers provide opportunity to meet the customers directly and sell the products and do not charge any commission for providing this. Read on to know more
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Creating and Gifting Clay Flowers – Classes in Chennai

Soft polymer clay is made into a single petal in few seconds. The expert fingers create some more petals, leaves and to finish a wonderful flower. Jenifer  Rajkumar learned this unique clay art in Japan in 2006 and became an authorised instructor in 2007. Hand made clay flowers make  a wonderful everlasting gifts of floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. She lives in Chennai and teaches clay art, read on to know the details.
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