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The Best of Cotton Fabric with Zari – Know Balaramapuram Traditional Weaving

This is a series dedicated to identifying our traditions and methods adopted by our ancestors.  A  unique handloom technique of interlaced weaving of cotton with zari is the pride of Balaramapuram. Balaramapuram is a small town in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India. The Balaramapuram handloom sarees are well known for simplicity, exquisite hand-woven designs and beauty. The traditional handloom grey sarees are made out of the finest cotton yarn with intricate and unique designs. It was during the regime of His Highness Maharaja Balaramavarma, which dates back from 1798 to 1810 that the handloom weaving was first introduced at Balaramapuram.

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