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Know and Learn to Appreciate Specialty Indian Cooking the Traditional Way

Indian cuisine and food preparation is undergoing a sea change and traditional methods of cooking have been done with but this also spells doing away with many ingredients and processes that spell health in every element.  My peppy octogenarian mother-in-law holds onto her values to the level that she demands that every bit of her cooking has her signature in it and no ready-made store-bought powders are ever used in her preparation. Initially, when I came to know about it, I wondered why red chilli should be bought, dried in sun and powdered when we can get it ready-made.

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Pidikarnai, the best medicine for Constipation


Pidikarnai is a root vegetable often confused with seppan kizhangu (Sticky potato), Senai Kizhangu (Elephant foot /Yam). This is a different vegetable and is known as a good medicine for people prone to constipation due to its fibrous nature and constituents. I am providing a recipe for making a Kuzhambu (gravy) out of it and this particular one is native of Tanjore cuisine passed on for generations.  I did search if there were any of this on the net and did not find it so thought it to be a suitable opportunity to present it to people interested in preparing gravy with this vegetable. Let me tell you, it tastes yummy with rice.

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