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The Man Behind Many Heritage Buildings in Chennai, Henry. A. Irwin

Henry A. Irwin is the architect of many a heritage building in Madras and elsewhere in India. He designed the Law College to harmonize with the High Court building, the Connemara Library, particularly its magnificent (old) reading room, the King Institute building in Guindy , the Egmore Railway Station, the Victoria Technical Institute’s Jaina Jaipuri home in the museum campus — now the Art Gallery that’s kept shut — and the Tawker Building (belonging to once-famed jewellers, T.R. Tawker & Sons), which became the South India Cooperative Insurance Building, then home of the newly established Indian Airlines southern headquarters. The Life Insurance Corporation of India which succeeded SICI to the building pulled it down in the 1970s and replaced it with a bit of humdrum construction.

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