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Coffee – Know Peaberry, Plantation A and Plantation B Beans

English: Peaberry (caracoli) arabica coffee be...

Coffee is an important beverage used all over the world. Coffee or kaapi is a drink every household wakes up to in Tamilnadu. Coffee table talks have become synonymous with sipping a coffee and discussing a hit or hot topic.  Methods to arrive at the ultimate brew have always been a subject of discussion and it has the terms Peaberry, Plantation A, Plantation B, chicory  popping up very often. Many of the ardent coffee lovers of Chennai  walk to their favorite coffee shop to get the coffee roasted, ground and packaged in small packages to retain the aroma and flavor. Just an insight into the terms and the lovely bean that quenches the thirst of a degree coffee…

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Learn to Make Tamilnadu’s Medicinal Traditional Hot Beverage, Sukku Kaapi

Sukku kaapi, the word brings us memories of fresh air, green all around, pristine water ponds and of course SUKKU KAAPI. To all those who  have not heard about this, it is a home-made hot beverage best known for its medicinal properties and promoting good health. It is taken as a replacement for regular coffee or tea. Sukku Kaapi is refreshing and is known to prevent many ailments particularly digestive disorders, cold etc.

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