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Hippocampus Programs for this Week – April 11

Hippocampus programs for children (3 – 11 year olds) are inviting, encouraging and creates interest in the child to participate, Programs are so well designed that the children do not face repetition in content and also provides an interactive platform of fun and learning. Here are the latest programs of the week.

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It is all about Money -Summer Workshops on Money Education by Hippocampus and Money-Wizards

It is vacation time and summer workshops announcements have started trickling in. Hippocampus and Money-wizards have come out with a summer workshop to make your money worth the while, teaching kids about earning and managing money/ For details click the image to enlarge.

Hippocampus Summer Programs and Camp


Little Scientist !

This Summer CurioKidz in Association with Hippocampus Children’s Company …brings your way a sci-fun filled , exciting program for all the young science enthusiasts.

Don your Potter hat and get set to Journey with us to Sci-wonderland.

Young Wizards (8 -12 years) can choose between A Journey to the Magical World of Light or a Journey to the Mystical World of Electricity

Teen Wizards (13-16 years) awaiting to take on higher challenges, can join us on the Journey to the Elusive World of Electronics.

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Hippocampus : Upcoming Programs



Sat, Feb 4th @ 11.00 am
(Ages 7 & above)

Welcome to the exciting world of Bot and be a part of his adventure with Ameera. Enjoy his thrilling encounters with the angry river bird, the hungry fish, the crabby crabs, the confused octopus, the ravenous baby shark, the spouting whale and many more!

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In Today’s World, Will Academic Education Alone Suffice?

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Money-Wizards, an IIM Alumni venture brings to Chennai high quality and accessible finance education for school children, college students, working adults, educated housewives and senior citizens. The courses are tailor made and do not assume any prior investment or finance knowledge. The programmes for school children are experiential in nature and exposes them to the world of money, finance and business.

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January 7th and 8th Weekend Programs from HippoCampus



 Sat, Jan 7th @ 11.00 am  

(Ages 3-6)

Waddle your way to Hippocampus for an icy, cold serving of Storytime about penguins and their wintery environment! There will be stories, songs and crafts featuring these ‘frisky and fun’ ‘feathered but flightless’ divers from Antartica.

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