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Nagaswaram Gets its Due with a Exclusive Festival

The nagaswaram, which is usually sidelined at most sabhas during the December music season, seems to be making a comeback. This year sabhas are giving chance  to nagaswaram artists apart from organising exclusive festival in January 2012, right after the music season winds up. “There is more demand for nagaswaram performances in the last five years probably because more listeners are developing a taste for it,” says S Kasim, nagaswaram artist.
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Chennai Music Season – Joining the Bandwagon

When Chennai is buzzing with Music season and festive spirit with active kutcheri buzzers  clad in crispy silk and silk cotton sarees with ever fragrant jasmine sporting innovative fashion trends and light weight jewelry, and last not the least, the ever famous catering specials in each venue, can we be left behind?   We are sure to hear the name of  Ganamurthi along with Gnanambika and Mohanam with Mountbatten. Obviously the latter refer to the caterers in the respective venue. As much as concerts, the food served during this season at the venues receives attention, reviews and the media and lovers of music makes sure the caterers are never left behind. Ask a rasika, he will accept the fact that it is easy to find a place in the concert hall than in the canteen at times. Are the restaurant owners in Chennai listening? Here is an interesting article in the Opinion page by J S Raghavan in The Hindu. Very interesting suggestion indeed. Your comments?

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Madras Music Season 2011

Madras Music Season is an event hosted every December–January in the present-day south Indian metropol of Chennai. Spanning some six weeks, a number of large and small kutcheris (Carnatic music concerts) are performed by highly competent musicians. The traditional role of the Music Season is to allow aficionados of Carnatic music to appreciate performances by renowned artists, and to allow promising young artists to display their talent and skill. Audiences and artists come from across India and from the international Indian diaspora to be part of the event. The Music Season has grown over the years, and has been described as one of the world’s largest cultural events.

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