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Dialogue in the Dark – An Eye Opening Experience

BLACKDark! The word has been associated with color, absence of light and with thing eerie. But to many, it is the way they see the world. Do we really know what it is to be in dark? Not the dark we think of when we do not have sufficient information about a subject, the REAL Darkness. It will be an interesting question to answer since darkness in real is never experienced by many of us, not even in the night. Pitch darkness has literally existed only in thrillers for me. This realization dawned on me when I visited “Dialogue in the Dark” in Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah, Chennai. It is located on the other end of Food Court.  Wondering what is “Dialogue in the Dark”?


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One day Workshop Every Month on Photography at Konica Labs

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A photo may convey a message to you, it might roll back years and connect you to the past, evoking hidden feelings etched in your memory.  Photographs are thus shot for sentimental reasons to practical concerns. To turn it into an emotive one, a certain amount of training is essential. To know about training programs happening at Konica labs by Mr. Dhamodharan and about him, read more..

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Art Paintings Exhibition in Chennai City

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Mala Roy is pleased to announce the opening of the the exhibition It’s My Way, featuring artist Premlatha Sheshadri, A.Viswam, Ramasuresh, Sumita Chakravarti, Anjan Bhattacharya,Harisadhan Dey,Aditi Gemini.Its My way  is an exhibition where the artist has shown their own thought in their own way through the paintings .The exhibition takes the visitor in sensory and playful journey .The exhibition incorporates both the real world and imaginary lines ,where artist Premlatha Sheshadri works shows ,the moving line flows, creating an image of colour with waves In it we see the golds of a sunlit sea & the golden lotus. A. Viswam  works are based on hues of nature blazing yellows, burning reds, cool greens, deep blues and quiet grays used monochromatically or in vibrant combinations .Rama Suresh works are mostly showcasing the Indian tradition .Where Sumita Chakravarti  works are  based on sculptures, Anjan  and HariSadhan Dey’s works are inspired by human form, expression, emotions, feelings, nostalgic images of old Calcutta .And a young artist , Aditi Gemini’s works are created by bells ,which plays a vital role in spreading positive energy throughout and a medium between liveliness and enthusiasm.

 Location : Vinnyasa Premiere Art Galery

Duration : 1st September ’12  till 08 September’12

Art n Soul Summer Camp for Kids

With the onset of summer and the schools being shut for vacation, Art n Soul, an activity centre for kids, brings you an exclusive programme that deals with activities from painting, fashion designing to yoga and games.

A one-of-a-kind experiential workshop , The Sunshine Express, organised by Art n Soul, will enable children to have a multitude of experiences under one roof. Each session is chosen and designed to bring about a lasting change in the child’s life.

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FlashMob at Citi Center with a Cause

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Lazy Sunday shoppers were startled into reality from their lethargic daze when the Nakka Mukka song blared on the speakers at the CitiCentre. A group of youngsters who were aimlessly scampering around the mall’s atrium before the performance suddenly jumped onto the foyer for an enthusiastic flashmob. Is it some kind of fun or was it with a cause? Read on to know more about this…

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Live Ghazal Concert by Ghazal Maestro Talat Aziz

Talat Aziz is a thorough professional who expresses his poetic verses with great precision collaborating feelings of love, romance and calamity moulded authentically in a ghazal format. Talat Aziz presents images of love and desire, joy and anguish; images of the varied emotions which a lover experiences.
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Chennai’s First Global Music Festival from January 13 To 15

Chennai’s first ever Global Music Festival is set to begin today. The festival will feature 24 acts spread over three days. It will feature  genres that range from electronica to pop, Indian classical fusion to R&B, jazz to Tamil Folk and Sufi and of course, good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

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Bombay Circus in Chennai

Bombay Circus @ SIAA Grounds | 01:00 PM – Onwards

A narrow entrance, lots of dust (if you are asthmatic, it is best you take your inhaler along), a little bit of a stench, an open car park. The Great Bombay Circus has come to Chennai (at SIAA Grounds, near Moore Market) after a gap of four years. Supposedly one of the oldest circuses in the country, this time around they have a number of attractions such as the cube jugglers from Russia and the walking caterpillars from Uzbekistan. It is said that The Great Bombay Circus was started in Hyderabad of the Sindh Province, now in Pakistan, in 1920 by Baburao Kadam and Kunni Kannan.

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Music Academy Dance Festival – 3rd to 9th January 2012


03 to 09 January 2012

03 January 2012. 06.00pm Priyadarsini Govind Bharata Natyam

03 January 2012. 07.45pm Mohiniattam-Group Gopika Varma

04 January 2012. 10.00am Madhavi Chandran Bharata Natyam

04 January 2012. 11.30am Uma Murali – Kuchipudi

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31st Natya Kala Conference by Shanta Dhananjayan

31st NATYA KALA CONFERENCE convened by Shanta Dhananjayan dedicated to the memory of two centenaries: Vadivelu ( bi-centenary of one of the Tanjavoor Quartets) and centenary of Vazhuvoor Ramayya Pillai. The conference ( NKC-2011) will be inaugurated on 26th December at 9am. This year also the NKC will focus on the ABHYAASA SAMPRADAYA of known and not so well known traditions of Bhaarateeya naatya sampradaaya. 

The schedule is listed here

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