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Rainbow Cake

Celebrations have found a new meaning in our lives. Social life is at its active best and connecting and communicating with friends and relatives has become easy. It is a sea change in the behavioral patterns from yesteryears when connectivity was an issue. Looking at things today, it makes us feel that life was much more serious and less fun those days. Today children are much more youthful and more magnanimous in celebrating life. It is never too late to get into the bandwagon. It is mostly a surprise visit to the friend’s home or at a common place or a restaurant to celebrate birthdays or weddings or anniversaries. Whatever be the plan of celebration, our basic item is a huge cake we so carefully select based on the occasion. Cake shops today has reinvented themselves and we now have a great variety of Birthday cakes, wedding cakes and even photo cakes in Chennai.

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The Magic Woven by Same Day Cake Delivery in Chennai


My friend (Rehka’s) family is a group of intellectuals pursuing research and working on innovations – doctorate is a fundamental education in the family and the daughters-in-law and sons-in-law too came from the same background.  One soul had much difficulty connecting with them and their conversations. It was Rekha’s mother who was JUST a graduate with a simple background. She could never make out the subject of their conversation and her aversion to their intellectual discussions made even normal talks sound geeky to her.  None of them including Rekha’s father found a reason to connect with her beyond food and basic conversations.  It took her a lot of effort to converse with me when I went to Rekha’s home. She was scared of being judged all the time and took her own time to think before uttering even normal pleasantries with me.

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Share and Care for Chennai with Hot Breads this XMas


It is Christmas time and we are gearing up to celebrate Xmas in our own terms. Chennai has shown resurgence is in our blood and Chennaites and Businesses in Chennai, especially Hot Breads show it in their own way by making this celebration a way to Share and Care for Chennai. The more we buy for them, the more we donate to building Chennai. So people, no qualms about buying those specialties unique to Xmas offered by them. It is also the time of the year where giving is pleasure and why not we buy and share it to show we care. So what is in for Christmas this season from Hot Breads? We are also sharing a little about Don Pepe a Mexican restaurant serving authentic Mexican food for the past 15 years. We tried out the vegetarian options only.

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