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Spark Academy by Spark Labs – Looking Beyond the Local Landscape, Living Within!

BuzzooleSparkAcademyWSHP3There are always people who wonder how small companies focusing on niche segments in technology are able to make  it really big in the Silicon Valley. Well, it is true to mention there are people like Spark Labs who have made their presence felt in the facilitation of these budding businesses to be fore runners  in technology.

Spark Labs is a team of experienced professionals that have immense expertise in creating, building and handing over technology companies to worthy successors. However, they limit their clients to US and European tech companies. Spark Labs is entities with the zeal to foster innovation by helping budding tech entrepreneurs accelerate the development in the local market. This is done with their specialty services that are mainly Startup Launchpad Program, space and support infrastructure that Spark Labs call their stronghold.

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