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Rocking Absolute Barbecues (AB’s) Vegetarian Food Review


Barbecues (BBQ) is not a home term for vegetarians as it is involves grilling, roasting applicable more on non-vegetarian dishes.  So we thought until we made a visit to the newly opened restaurant, Absolute Barbecues at Taramani, Chennai. We heard a lot about AB’s earlier and did not attempt with the thought that as vegetarians, we may not have many options. Absolute Barbecues proved us wrong – we had a range of starters and an interesting tasty vegetarian menu.  For the comfort of vegetarians, separate section for preparing the dishes and even the crockery is distinguished by color red, green for vegetarians and Red for non-vegetarians. Another aspect is there was no heavy aroma in the restaurant that tends to put you off.  Now to the menu –

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Vegetarian Food Review – Rajasthani Food Festival Beckons at Westin Velachery, Chennai

AohcR93Otm5_jqTWcnsxcRJmNKwRK64SKEGIy1TnXtO0Westin, Velachery, Chennai is running a Rajasthani Food Festival and we were invited to taste the food and share our experience here.  Rajasthani Food Festival did not ring much bells in our foodie palate as we always associated it with dry desert region. Curious to know what is in store, we went for the buffet and were stunned at the lavish spread. We were left wondering if we would be in a position to taste (at the least) all of them.  Buffet was categorized as starters, main course, salad counter, chat counter and dessert counter.

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Entrée, Exclusive Vegetarian Restaurant of E-Hotel for Affordable yet Luxurious Dining

Picture 4 - Business Room of E-HotelE-Hotel is located in one of our familiar haunts, Express Avenue mall.  We are pretty regular to Express Avenue but never knew where it was and wondered about its location whenever a few of our friends talked about it.  Vegetarians know the difficulty of eating at Food court in EA mall.  Not many vegetarian options out there and we always seek the two vegetarian restaurants in the food court for our food.  So when we were invited for a Blogger meet at E-Hotel, it was with sheer curiosity that we landed there.  The entrance to the hotel is in Patullos Road and so head to Gate number 1 or 2 to get to E-hotel and to the restaurant Entrée. So now the secret of its location is out, let us talk about the ambiance and food.

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