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IndiBlogger Launches New Platform IndiPR for Press Releases


Press releases announce products to the world, the first point of official release of a launch and it forms the basis of its reach to the target audience.  In the print world, press releases were released through newspapers and magazines and it served the purpose given the reach of these mediums during that time.  With the advent of internet, press releases were also released through websites and we also have specific ones intended to publish PRs.  As the internet reach swelled, it has almost become the medium to reach people but few questions still remain – Is the PR reaching the intended audience? Is the PR released in the right time when the product is launched?

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Director Naga Launches our Online Video Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra


Director Naga and Writer K.Vivekshankar

We are happy to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra  by Director Naga.  To professionals with expertise in their domain, scaling to an online channel is not easy both in terms of emotional and mental makeup and technical parameters. When we talk about Vlogging, it is another domain and the intention of it must be made clear. We chose to keep this Channel in English to reach more people and we will soon launch a Tamil version too.

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Speaking Parrot : Imagining a World Sans Jingles


1957 Advertisement of Colgate (Colgate and Hair Oil? Yes, In those years Colgate sold Hair Oil too) Courtesy: CuttingChai

What is our world without Ads? Imagine… and for a second, the whole world seems to have stopped and gone on a time machine 60 years back. Though we cannot say advertisements were nil then, people had the option not to see it, the great advantage of having paper ads. Read it or ignore it or even better, make it into paper ball and play with it. What better use can it be for a paper than being made into conical containers of groundnuts, a real challenge to the mathematics genius in you to access their capability to make those near perfect conical shapes in seconds.

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