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Package Advice as Suggestion to Evince Interest

Unsolicited advice we despise most of the times turns out to be the most sought after when we look for support and direction in making few crucial decisions. It is not that we are ready to accept advice from anyone and everyone, we expect it only from the select few we regard as the ones capable of giving advice. It is not a one-person-tailored-for-all for advice and differs based on the subject of concern. We respect a person who advises when sought and keeps his distance in not following up on the decision and the impact to take mileage out of it. This post is in honor of one such person.

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Dance Beyond Boundaries


Cricket is synonymous with dance and music today.  Watch any T20 match and you see cheerleaders dancing their way to glory for every boundary or six of the respective team. Needless to say, the music sets the ball rolling and the audience sways to the moves and the music.  The stage is set for the big match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Mumbai Indians teams and though it is one of the league matches, it is a decider match played to finalize who will set foot into the play offs. In short, a T20 cricket match comparable to the finals being played in Hyderabad to a stadium full of fans eager to see the home team, Sunrisers making it to the play-offs and finals too.

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Chennai Female Bloggers in Nioxin Now in India Launch with BlogAdda


Chennai Focus had the pleasure of getting invited to the launch of Nioxin in Chennai, India. Chennai Bloggers were invited to the event and it was an all ladies meet. The Chennai launch was at Bounce Salon in Nungambakkam High Road, Ispahani centre.

Nioxin is the world’s #1 in providing solution to Hair thinning and seems to be holding its position for the past 13 years. There was a presentation of the product by the P&G Nioxin representative, Ms.Daisy who explained the concept behind the product. It was interesting to note that Nioxin was not aimed at instant gratification by cosmetic methods but was focused more towards improving the Scalp condition. Understandably the process of scalp revival is not an overnight process. To suit the various conditions of the scalp, there are 6 treatments available and is given based on consultation.

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HomeBrook, Connecting Real People


A home is made of hearts and a house is made of bricks. A house attains fulfillment only when it is a home filled of people of all generations, old and new, I meant the grandmothers and grandfathers and grandchildren too. I envy the days when living together was the order of the day. Not the living together in today’s context, but the concept of kith and kin families making a living under the same roof.  When I was asked to write about the things I need to lead a happy life such that each moment is celebration, all I could dream of is a home, HomeBrook, with huge open space and a garden with fruit yielding trees with an exclusive area for variety of rose beds, a small stream and few pets and our whole family living in it. I could dedicate this fantasy of mine to the frugal living space we get living in apartments without much liberty in having our own garden or pets. Given today’s scenario, this may be farfetched but yet I would prefer a home with more space, a library and a private terrace for a garden.

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Speaking Parrot: Winner is Good Concept with Matching Video Quality

The cricket fever is ON and everywhere you see Blue, Yellow, Red, and Flaming Orange T-Shirts either as posters or as T-Shirts. When it is IPL, it is not only Cricket but lots of activities. Brands jump on the bandwagon to release advertisements with Cricket stars or associate with the event to grab the attention of the huge Cricket loving crowd not only in India but abroad too.

This is the time where any event in the evening or night receives minimum attendance and event managers make sure that the event is not happening on a day the home team is playing. Cricket and that too IPL has become a rage and Pepsi, the title sponsor of the event is not to be left behind. Pepsi announced contest #CrashThePepsiIPL that encouraged amateurs to attempt creating an Ad for Pepsi. The finalists are judged by a heavy weight jury and displayed during the matches replacing the original advertisement.

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Is Saving 500 Lives a Appreciable Feat?

In the world where information is everywhere and so easily accessible, many things go unseen. The comfort of having access to information at a click of a mouse or tap of the mobile phone has made us selective about what we want to read. Though it does give us our freedom to choose what we read, we do miss those finer points that go beyond our self missing out the ones who be in the news for the positive approach, courage and bravery. Maybe this is the reason why media resorts to sensationalism to draw our attention but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. So in short, welcome to be introduced to the simple and beautiful faces  lost in the information jungle.

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Speaking Parrot : Imagining a World Sans Jingles


1957 Advertisement of Colgate (Colgate and Hair Oil? Yes, In those years Colgate sold Hair Oil too) Courtesy: CuttingChai

What is our world without Ads? Imagine… and for a second, the whole world seems to have stopped and gone on a time machine 60 years back. Though we cannot say advertisements were nil then, people had the option not to see it, the great advantage of having paper ads. Read it or ignore it or even better, make it into paper ball and play with it. What better use can it be for a paper than being made into conical containers of groundnuts, a real challenge to the mathematics genius in you to access their capability to make those near perfect conical shapes in seconds.

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Heart Talks and the Soul Listens


In everyone’s life, there are significant few who always make it to the priority list whatever the conditions may be. From time immemorial certain connections are made that never seems to break how much ever time and technology changes our lives.

To anyone, if there is someone more dearer who showers love without expecting anything back other than their parents, the answer must be grandparents. It is possible that parents’ emotions get tied up trying to correct and lead us into a successful life but with grandparents it is always love with a sweet smile and a hug. To children without parents, grandparents fill in both the positions trying to balance the roles of parents and grandparents at the same time.

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