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Biking Enthusiasts, Check out Chennai Wheels Club

Chennai Wheels Club is a small non-profit community of biking enthusiasts who enjoy the very essence of biking across endless roads. The club enjoys a variety of bikers with machines from various makes and models. Any good rider within the age of 25 – 50 years and with a well maintained motorbike with the cubic capacity falling between 200 – 500cc is welcome to be a part of the club. The club is dedicated to furthering the love of motorcycling in and around the great southern states of India.

Feel free to add yourself as a member of the group, as we get along to enjoy some fine coffee time, grasp nature’s most divine creations and master some of the most fine roads across the southern terrain in India. We acknowledge that everyone has a heart to ride and he/she should not be limited based on what model or make one might have. With a mission to improve lives through motorcycling, the club enjoys teaching the joys of biking, advocating safe riding practises, and to produce adventurous and enjoyable rides and events. Our signature programs include Coffee & Club, Ride Your Soul Series and The West Coast Road.

The club is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The club has close to 350+ members and was founded with the focus that everyone with a passion at heart and a machine at hand, can enjoy a fine riding experience and can come together as a family of great riders hailing from across pan South India.

The motto of the club : Forever to celebrate the Spirit of Motorcycling.

Club Activities
● Inter-State rides
● Safe Motorcycling Awareness Programs
● Moto launches & Reviews
● Meet & Club – Member meets
● Environmental Awareness Programs

Administrator of the Chennai Wheels Club is the versatile Vasanth Benjamin who is also the admin of Proud Yamaha FZ Owners page. Vasanth is a Motorcycle enthusiast, Endurance trekker & certified jungle survival specialist. He is the CEO of The Chikkiboo Travel Company.

Bitten by the travel bug, Vasanth is a Globetrotter of 65 countries and driven in 40+ countries.

He has finished 10 intercountry rides (India – Bhutan) , (India – China) , (Georgia – Russia) , (Sri Lanka Cross Country) , (US-Canada), (Vietnam – Cambodia) , (Indonesia – Papua New Guinea Cross Country) , (Mauritius – Island Marathon) and (Madagascar cross-island champion).

Vasanth is the Inter-Jungle motocross group lead : Western Ghats India, Sunderbans Bengal, Agumbe, Sinharaja Forests, and Sri Lanka. He has completed 5+ All India rides (Jammu – Kanyakumari) , (Mumbai – Chennai) ,(Chennai – Goa), (Chennai – Mangalore) and has driven Ladakh super-terrain solo-motor marathon across the world’s highest motorable road 5 times.

● Club Name : Chennai Wheels Club
● Members : 350+ Riders
● Type of Club : Motorcycling Ride Club
● Models : All brands & makes (200-500CC)
● Website :

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