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Winter has Arrived in Cafe Coffee Day Outlets with Refreshing Beverages


Summer is in and the search for thirst quenchers and those chill drinks begins.  Café coffee day CCD as it is commonly called has introduced new freezing cold beverages in their outlets under the ‘Winter has arrived’ campaign.  CCD outlets make great place to hang around and we have loved their offerings and their enthusiasm in introducing new products and offers regularly.  The new introductions include two smoothies and two punches. Sitting in a hot summer day and talking about punches and smoothies without having them is not a great deal but still for the benefit of those near the CCD outlets, here are the details –

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Coffee – Know Peaberry, Plantation A and Plantation B Beans

English: Peaberry (caracoli) arabica coffee be...

Coffee is an important beverage used all over the world. Coffee or kaapi is a drink every household wakes up to in Tamilnadu. Coffee table talks have become synonymous with sipping a coffee and discussing a hit or hot topic.  Methods to arrive at the ultimate brew have always been a subject of discussion and it has the terms Peaberry, Plantation A, Plantation B, chicory  popping up very often. Many of the ardent coffee lovers of Chennai  walk to their favorite coffee shop to get the coffee roasted, ground and packaged in small packages to retain the aroma and flavor. Just an insight into the terms and the lovely bean that quenches the thirst of a degree coffee…

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