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Heritage Tourism – Karaikudi, A Place of Finest Culture and Traditional Lineage

Courtyard of a Chettinad house

Karaikudi is the largest town in Chettinad region of Sivagangai district in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. The name Karaikudi originated from the plant’s name karai that abounds in the area, and kudi meaning settlement. It belongs to the collection of 80 towns and villages in the Chettinad belt that stretched from Ramnad district to Pudukottai state of then British India. The Chettinad or Chettinadu literally means Chettiars’ state. The Nagarathars, a Chettiar community, are the predominant people of the region flourishing in trade and commerce from many centuries. They are institutional in establishing in numerous educational institutions, financial services, temples, festivals, traditional ceremonies, and social welfare.

Karaikudi and its neighboring places have quite a number of historical significant buildings, and distinguished institutions and places. The Chettinadu mansions are sumptuous, spacious, and flamboyant with intricate carved structures.

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