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Intelligent App to Facilitate Train Ticket Booking


Come vacation, long weekends or festivals, the first thing that comes to mind for the people planning travel is train tickets.  Booking a ticket during these days is a mental, emotional and physical challenge for many but unlike private operators for buses, we are dependent on government operated trains. Tickets booking open as early as 120 days and reservations for available seats gets completed so fast that short term planners find it almost next to impossible to travel by train. Though buses are an option, travelling with elderly people and women on a longer journey is not preferred by many.  Tatkal is another option but here too, it is for the jiffy expert users to find tickets using this process.  This has led to a development of a fantastico  high utility travel app called ConfirmTkt which predicts chances of confirmation for wait listed tickets using historical data. It also suggests alternates like break journeys to help book confirmed railway tickets.

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Technology Talk: #MadeForIndia 360 Security Lite Apps Review


Computer security has come of age and we have number of security apps to keep our system safe.  As the number of devices accessing the internet grew with the multifaceted evolution of technology platforms, security of our information in these gadgets have left much to be desired. In many of these devices, security aspects are still underestimated and non-existent. Our focus is on the mobiles and its security in this post.

India is a giant pool of talent and we, Indians are spearheading technology revolution across the world. Make In India is bringing up many startups to the fore promising many talents to turn into entrepreneurs and tap on the best of their creativity. This initiative has brought in innovative thinking and one area that has seen growth is IT. As we are seeing home grown products entering the market, this has also created another trend of considering India as one of the important consumer market by global brands leading to customization of products for India with #MadeForIndia pitch. Here we are reviewing one of them, 360 Security Lite Speed Boost by 360 Mobile Security Limited

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Smartphonistan, Where Everyone Has a Smartphone


Smartphone is a pretty sleek gadget that outsmarts me every time. With all the world knowledge in its pocket, it advises on when should I get up, what should I eat, when is my next appointment, who is communicating with me and what, my social reach, and also takes care of my shopping needs. Wow! Not yet! I have missed out a lot more that makes my life complete, what is wrong in calling my gadget my companion of life? And I just cannot miss it even for a moment. It is always in my hand or around my neck and every odd place it can be when I am busy using both my hands. No way! I will never leave it alone. It needs no personal space and neither do I. My privacy is centered on me and my smartphone, in short, ‘Me’ is ‘me and my smartphone’.  Now a twist to this story, we have a villain who is so serious in breaking our ever lasting relationship, my daughter.

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Android App for All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) Preparation

Are you an aspiring to get into India’s Best Engineering Colleges? Are you taking Entrance exams like AIEEE/BITSAT/IITJEE? and worried about your preparation then Minglebox’s AIEEE app is the right one for you. – India’s No. 1 education network has launched an android app that enables students to prepare for AIEEE and take online mock tests right at their finger tips over their mobile phones.

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Android Apps to Get you Started

English: Screenshot of Opera Mini on Android.

We are listing Android Apps available free of cost. Some of them need a Android Market Account. All you have to do is to register a Android Market Account first with your Google Account and Download them. Remember that to install Apps in your Android Mobile, You have to login to and type the android app name which you want and then click on install.

We have identified the useful apps and Indian apps available in the market for you.

Opera Mini: Opera Mini is the best browser for android mobile with lightening fast browsing and smart mobile browsing. The application is really worth to download and is completely free to use it.

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After Aakash it is Classpad, OLPC XO 3.0

This post is on the cheapest tablets and we see competition gearing up for Aakash with better configured Classpad and OLPC XO 3.0 capable of manual and solar recharging. We as consumers are certainly in for a bargain with healthy competitions heating up the Tablets arena. Read more..

The previous year we saw the entry of one of the world’s cheapest tablet in India, Aakash. Aakash tablet got huge bookings from the day it was placed for retail. Following the success story one another budget tablet has also been brought in the Indian tablet market. The tablet is named as Classpad.

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Mobile App for Chennaites : Travel Chennai by Veradis Technologies

This App covers the best of the Chennai, with extensive directory of places to visit, accommodation and all the information you need on what to do including all the latest events and offers. Our map based services guide you around the city. Get weather info, news, important visitor info and even some useful expression with our talking dictionary. This is great way to connect with the local culture!

* Events/Contents are updated daily

Recent changes:

Newly added features include
* Deals – Latest deals on shopping, dining and accommodation listed for your city.
* Allow the user to bookmark a deal for future reference.
* Current flight schedule
* Up to date movies list
* Shopping directory
* Read/write reviews for tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.

Latest version: 3.0 (for Android version 2.2 and higher)

Download link :

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