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Alanganallur Jallikattu, the Spanish Bull Fight of Tamilnadu

Alanganallur Jallikattu is synonymous with bravery and people in Tamilnadu is witnessing this event from olden days. Alanganallur is located near Madurai, a temple town of Tamilnadu. This event is conducted every year during pongal time ( any day from January 14 – 18th). This year it is on 15 Jan 2012.

Traditionally love and valour have been great virtues of Tamil culture and at Jallikattu they are intertwined. By proving his valour a young man increases his status among girls choosing a suitor.  In modern times Jallikattu, like European equivalents such as the Pamplona bull-running, is facing increasing condemnation.

Bulls in the competition are known for their grievous assaults on competitors resulting in fatal injuries.  Unlike at Pamplona, the spectators face as great a risk as the competitors as there are no barricades to stop the bulls charging into the crowd. The Supreme court of India allowed the event to continue with many imposed restrictions to protect human life and animals. Read on..

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