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India Enters Another Technology Revolution with 4G Services by Airtel

Mobile revolution has taken us into its wings and before we could decipher what those jargons were, we started flying with it. If we look back and see, terms such as 2G, 3G, 4G, mobile data, GSM, SMS. MMS has just flown into our vocabulary and with least understanding of the terms, we are subscribers to it and enjoy what the product is as defined by our service provider or the salesperson. It could even be our friend who has suggested to us to go for 3G since it is better than 2G and also advised us to go for a 4G mobile if we are planning to buy one.

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Unboxing the Data Speed Highway – Moving from 3G to 4G


Airtel launches 4G nationally with a Television Commercial today. Trial run of 4G was already on with customers given a Free 4G SIM. Yes, you are right. We were given a 4G SIM free which was delivered to our home on request. I have heard of high speed internet in the US and always wondered if it will be a possible in our country too. Airtel 4G promises us the capability to experience lightning speeds and something more for all of us. In my experience, it was quite good only that we got so excited with the speed that we ended up watching about 5 movies in a day.

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