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After Aakash it is Classpad, OLPC XO 3.0

This post is on the cheapest tablets and we see competition gearing up for Aakash with better configured Classpad and OLPC XO 3.0 capable of manual and solar recharging. We as consumers are certainly in for a bargain with healthy competitions heating up the Tablets arena. Read more..

The previous year we saw the entry of one of the world’s cheapest tablet in India, Aakash. Aakash tablet got huge bookings from the day it was placed for retail. Following the success story one another budget tablet has also been brought in the Indian tablet market. The tablet is named as Classpad.

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Cheapest Tablet of the World

The low cost tablet, Aakash was unveiled in October 2011. Indian government has ordered 100,000 of these tablets and looking at 10 million in the coming years and expect to bring down the cost. It costs Indian Rupees 2,250,   US$ 45.  Read on to know more.
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