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Winter has Arrived in Cafe Coffee Day Outlets with Refreshing Beverages


Summer is in and the search for thirst quenchers and those chill drinks begins.  Café coffee day CCD as it is commonly called has introduced new freezing cold beverages in their outlets under the ‘Winter has arrived’ campaign.  CCD outlets make great place to hang around and we have loved their offerings and their enthusiasm in introducing new products and offers regularly.  The new introductions include two smoothies and two punches. Sitting in a hot summer day and talking about punches and smoothies without having them is not a great deal but still for the benefit of those near the CCD outlets, here are the details –

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City Talk: SuperChef Chennai 2016 and SuperChef Chennai International Food Carnival 2016

sc3SuperChef Chennai 2016 is going to be held in the city from 26th to 27th February 2016.  Super Chef is a competition for amateurs and non-professional cooks.  It is an event that encourages cooks in us to get onto a high profile event well covered by media and has celebrity judges in its panel.  Competitors are put into various assessments to choose the final 50 who go on to cook live in front of celebrity judges. This event is the brain child of the Round Table (MCRT94) and Ladies Circle (MCLC38) in aid of charity.  Round Table and Ladies Circle are non-profit organizations concentrating on healthcare and education. This year the focus is on Chennai Flood victims’ rehabilitation and SuperChef Chennai is one of their important events that generates funds for these initiatives.  SuperChef Chennai has made it better every year since 2013 and expectations are high this time and hoping for more fun this time.

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Music Season and Food Review : Quick Roundup

02fr-KESHAV_jpg_2265413fMusic season, December music festival or Margazhi Utsavam as its fondly called is a season of celebration of music in Chennai. All sabhas run their itinerary one after the other or parallel to give in the feast of music and dance not only to Chennai people but for people who make it a point to visit here during this time hailing from different parts of India and abroad. Sabha hopping is one of the activity so dearly associated with this phenomenon which means moving from one sabha to another to attend different concerts.

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