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Astute Product Marketing Strategy through Innovative Social Media Campaigns

ASUS Zenfone2 - Owners Pride

Social media has evolved from being mere contact platforms to innovative business marketing tools. It poses a greater challenge for brands to reach out and be noticed by people in a platform where it takes just few seconds for a user to get drowned in the ocean of news feed, targeted messages and advertisements. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool and it needs sharp thinking and innovative campaigns by the marketing team to get the talk trending in social media. Trending and staying as a talked about topic is a mantra to better exposure and possible success. To keep the social media guessing and to sustain interest, celebrities are roped in by the brands to launch the product. As in the case of everything that gets overexposed, celebrity launches have also become order of the day and the hype around it subdued.

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For a Change, Mobiles De-stress Not Distress

Stress and mobiles are two subjects found in common while talking with youngsters and adults these days. It is a common notion that technology has made life difficult leading to stressful situations. Mobiles once sought out to be a boon to reach out people anywhere and everywhere anytime is now seen as a disturbance. It is also true that mobiles have brought in a  24 X 7 work culture and has bypassed ethics to intrude into each others privacy at odd times. This is only one side of the story.

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New Airtel App Review – 3 Key Aspects that Stood Out


Since our move from a government owned telecom provider to Airtel for Broadband connection, we have moved all our services to Airtel. With so many services from Airtel, managing the various accounts was pretty time consuming during the initial days. We switched to the My Airtel app when it was released and found it easy to manage the services but yet service requests and few other services had glitches in communication. We would not say it was a comprehensive solution then but still it worked for us. Further as the payment landscape changed with the services of Freecharge and PayTM offering more for the buck we switched to using them for our payments. One thing though, we never ventured into Airtel Money because we still did not trust the system to allow mobile to mobile payments. Maybe it is good but we honestly did not try it till now.

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5 Reasons Why I #CantWait4Zenfone2 and How it Fits My Requirement

ASUS  Zenfone 2 is my dream phone as I am a travel addict who loves to capture nature at its best. I had used many smart phones with their own intelligent features but finding a phone that caters to my need was a Himalayan task.

Reason Number 1brandcover

The smart phones I had were limited in their memory. Since I love to experiment with apps, I faced many issues related to memory and in particular virtual world based apps. Another issue I faced with the smart phones I had was related to speed.  They were becoming slower as time passed and needed more response time to switch between a screen to another. ASUS  Zenfone 2 comes with a 4GB RAM which is more than adequate to have my set of apps that keeps running in the background.

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Deciphering the Smart Phone Jungle

I was one of the early users of mobile phone. I had an imported one that weighed like a kilo of sugar and most unhandy. Those were the days when even the incoming calls were charged. In spite of all its cons, I was proud of my phone that I knew everything about it, right from its place of birth and its operating system, not the one in the smart phones today but the bits and pieces of hardware that went to it.  It was one of my precious baggage and all the evolution related to mobiles, thanks to Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and the likes, did not influence me. It was my phone and it did what it should do, converse with other on the line.

Repeated attempts by colleagues and family did not deter my decision to exchange it for any of those so-called smart phones. Queer looks and quirky comments always followed me whenever I took out my phone to talk. I am not the one to give up so easily, after all it is my hard-earned money and it was working fine.

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Now it is a Search Engine for Tourism

The government launched a search engine that will help people in searching tourism-related queries across websites in five Indian languages. The search engine, Sandhan (, was launched by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) Secretary J Satyanarayana here.

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One day Workshop Every Month on Photography at Konica Labs

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

A photo may convey a message to you, it might roll back years and connect you to the past, evoking hidden feelings etched in your memory.  Photographs are thus shot for sentimental reasons to practical concerns. To turn it into an emotive one, a certain amount of training is essential. To know about training programs happening at Konica labs by Mr. Dhamodharan and about him, read more..

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Booming Business Opportunity – Online Tutoring and Assistance

A mathematics lecture, apparently about linear...

Everything from text books to chatting with a teacher can be done online, so why not move school study halls to the web? A recent survey predicts that 2012-2013 school year will see the rise of online study halls by students who want to enhance their education with digital content and more online collaboration.

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Science Exhibition Biodiversity Train to Reach Chennai on August 11

 The fifth phase of ‘Science Exhibition-Biodiversity Special’, a mobile exhibition train being run by the Ministry of Railways on requestof Ministry of Science and Technology, will arrive here on August 11. According to a release from the Southern Railway, the train will be in Chennai Central station for the exhibition from August 11 to August 15.

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Good Old Hotmail to be Replaced by Shortly


Microsoft is pulling the plug on Hotmail, one of the early leaders in web-based email, and plans to transition the service’s more than 350 million users to a new email service called, the software giant announced. The new service will, as its name suggests, tie in with the Microsoft email program of the same name that is part of the company’s popular Office suite of business software.

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New Technology Environment Friendly Autos using 80% water as Fuel


They are dreaming of a better, environmentally-sensitive world. Final-year students of the mechanical department of MVJ College of Engineering in Bengaluru have developed a hybrid auotrickshaw that runs on 80 percent water and 20 percent LPG.

The project is an attempt to improve fuel efficiency and to decrease carbon emissions by Ashok M, Jagadish Gunde, Mahantesh Hiremath and Manoj. The vehicle was converted into a ‘hybrid auto’ using the available oxyhydrogen technology. It does not replace water with fuel, but enhances the efficiency of a fossil fuel-based engine by using the stored energy in water.

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Chennai to Map Radiation of Solar Energy in Various Cities in the Country

Chennai is readying to give India its solar atlas, which will have details on radiation of solar energy in various cities in the country.

A team of experts set up by the ministry of new and renewable energy are sitting in Chennai and updating the data of radiation of solar energy in 50 existing automatic solar radiation monitoring centers, including seven in Tamil Nadu, starting from Ladhak in Kashmir to Chitradurga in Karnataka. Sixty more data centres would be set up shortly.

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