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Introducing CollarFolk, Pet Friendly Vacation in India


As a pet parent, we have been postponing our vacation and holidays meant staying at home indoors with our Labrador.  The immediate thought of leaving her in the mercy of friends  switches off our plans and it is only if it is unavoidable we go out of the city leaving her with our friend to take care of her in our absence at our home because she does not like to be away in another place without us.  It is not an easy task to find someone to take care of her in our absence with the same love and attention we give her.  Now it is good news for pet parents like us, we can take our pet along with us for the vacation.  Thanks to CollarFolk, an innovative idea by a pet parent Rukmini Vaish.

We could not NewPicture933move on  without appreciating the cute logo of CollarFolk (wagging tail) which speaks volume about their love for pets.

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Introducing a Fantastico GPS based Product, iTag – Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Device

Travelling today has a lot of strings and if you are travelling with family, most of our time is spent in gathering people, ensuring everyone is comfortable and making sure all their needs are met.  Additionally, safety of baggage takes top priority and in case, it is a longer trip, baggage grows more in number.  Travel times is about one or the other keeping awake to ensure baggage stays with us. Additional care points when taking along elderly people lies in ensuring all their accessories such as spectacles, mobile, medicines go along with them wherever they go.  This is not the issue with large groups alone, even when we are travelling alone or being a frequent traveler in a touring group, we carry a lot of our gadgets such as camera, tripod, mobile, lens, laptops, cards, external HDD and so many to make travel blogging or purpose tours fully covered to have an impact on our audience.

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Wake up Chennai~ Beware of Breed Dog Robbers

Chennai Focus is coming across an increasing number of owners complaining about lost dogs. The dogs lost are breed dogs costing a huge sum in the pet market. We want to caution the owners who own breed dogs to be careful while taking their dogs for a walk on lonely roads.  Owners who lost their dearest dogs can write to us here and we will do our best to reach it to dog lovers to find out if the dogs are seen or being sold elsewhere.

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Mega Aqua Show – Exhibition and Sale of 1000 rare varieties of Fish, Birds and More

240 litres aquarium with different fishes, pla...

A Splash expo was inaugurated in the city on Wednesday. With a vast showcase of ornamental varieties of fishes, the mega aqua show on showcase at Valluvarkottam was inaugurated by director Ameer. Walking in, the mood is set with the lively beats and opening lyrics of “Boom Boom Robo-da,” coming through a life-size Rajinikanth. The Superstar has been modelled (big guns in hand) after a popular scene from Endhiran. Now, the actor may have no connection to marine world, but the appearance did make the biggest ‘splash’ of all.

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Fish Care – To Light or Not to Light the Aquarium


We love our fish as pets but no one can deny that aquariums have decorative value also.  We are taking care of the fish as pets within the confines of our tiny urban homes. Lighting the aquarium makes it look good but it also heats up the water. Aquarium fish may tolerate lights but they do not love the harsh water lights all days. So, where do we draw the line between decoration and fish care?

Aquarium lighting can help and harm in some ways. Here is what you should do if the fish in your aquarium are your first priority.

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Mobile Dog Training and Grooming School in Chennai

“Making your dog a pleasure to own”, is the goal that WOODSTOCK DOG TRAINING SCHOOL, sets itself with every pup and every dog that passes through the portals of its training school.

Mr. J.Rangarajan launched Woodstock Dog Training School, a premier institution in dog training in the year 1988 at Chennai, India to cater to needs of dog owners. Woodstock offers obedience training, personal protection, and grooming programs to domestic dogs, and in the last 15 years Woodstock has successfully trained over 3000 dogs of various breeds.

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The Wacky Mongrel Show, A Show Your Mongrel Must Be

Blue cross of India is  holding  The Wacky Mongrel show on  February 19th at C P Art center, Alwarpet, Chennai. Bring in your naughty,funny, loud and odd mongrels and give it  a chance to prove itself and Win.

For Online Registration

You can also contact  9952075570 0r 893913811

You can also send email  to with subject ” Registration for The Wacky Mongrel Show”. Make sure to include your  name, dog’s name, mobile no and email id in the mail.

Know Our Own Dog Breeds, Kombai, Kanni, Alangu, Chippiparai and Rajapalayam

Let us identify these Dog breeds of Tamilnadu. Feel Free to put in your answers in comments.

To know more about these dogs…

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Pigeon Racing Anyone ?

A pigeon race

To those of us, who think that the pigeon racing  ended with the era of maharajas and nawabs, here is a surprise. Pigeon racing as a hobby is doing very well and in keeping with the times has become a high tech sport. The short distance annual racing for pigeons begins today as the birds are released from Kavali and there is another on January 29 from Vinukonda.

How do pigeons race? Do they know their tracks and who follows them to know who won?  We are sure you too have such questions and this post is an eye opener on Pigeon racing in which Chennai is a leader with many number of Pigeon enthusiasts and clubs. Surprised ? Read on to know more…

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Dog Training Centre

Dog owners who have to travel out of city can leave their dog at a safe place where pet dogs are taken care of. Dogs that need to be trained can be given proper training. After training pet dogs obey commands, pet dogs do not accept food from stangers and much more. After the dog comes back home will it be obey the commands of owner? Yes, the owners can learn how to make their dogs obey them. The dog training place is at Kalpakkam about 70 km ( about 44 miles) from Chennai.
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Pet Dog Lovers’ One Stop Resource in Chennai

Pet dog, cat and bird lovers in Chennai have one stop store for all their requirements. If new pups are needed it can be procured from Pets Pedigree. Be sure to inform them that you found this information on Chennai Focus.
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